Affordable Workforce Housing

It’s no secret that Florida is becoming more expensive every year. Taxes, insurance, the cost of a home have all skyrocketed in the last few years. In fact, teachers, nurses, firefighters, police and others have been priced right out of the communities they serve. Many in our community have been priced out of the American dream of home ownership.

Green Design

Grady Pridgen, Inc. believes that working families should be able to participate in the American dream. But these families deserve quality homes. Grady Pridgen, Inc. is building affordable workforce housing into our mixed-use properties.

Affordable housing is designed as housing priced 80-150 percent of the median family income. Because it’s a sliding scale, the actual cost of a home will vary if it’s in Hillsborough, Pasco or Pinellas county, but the principal is the same—Grady Pridgen is building beautiful, environmentally friendly homes for real families—for your family.

The New Model

When creating a model for affordable workforce housing, Grady Pridgen, Inc. considers the total living package. Sure, the cost of a home is important, but equally important is the ability to ensure the home, to pay the utility costs each month and the taxes when they are due. Families have to be able to pay for their homes and the associated costs.

Green Design

Grady Pridgen begins by locating great places to live near great places to work. Doing so satisfies a critical need in our urban work centers. These are called mixed-use developments where work is close by so that you can walk to work, or take a trolley, or Segway or other transportation. When you can park the car, or better yet, be a one-car family, you increase your ability to own a home. Reducing transportation expenses increases money for a home.

But that’s just the beginning.

Grady Pridgen, Inc. builds to a high standard. This environmentally-friendly approach has two key benefits—it helps make a home energy efficient, which lowers the monthly energy bill and it exceeds state requirements for wind damage protection, which can help reduce the cost of insurance. Coupled with Energy Star® appliances and water conserving fixtures, a Grady Pridgen home is beautiful, affordable and good for the environment.