Live/Work/Play – All in Your Own Community:

Green Design

Today it’s called a “mixed-use development” or “new urbanism” but it used to be called “community.” It’s a place where people can live close to work and shopping and other services. Popular today, Grady Pridgen communities have taken new urbanism to a new level, with just the right mix of shopping, dining and services he’s locating homes in the heart of work centers and connecting them through walking, cycling and hiking trails.

Punctuated with open space, water features and artwork, a Grady Pridgen community provides opportunities for business, a great lifestyle for residents and just the right environment for both.

Built in to every Grady Pridgen community is healthy living. From construction that uses low VOC paints and flooring, to lighting that enhances life, our low energy use, high energy lifestyle offering the latest in technology to lower monthly bills while increases recreational opportunities.

With childcare and fitness centers, access to theaters and parks, Grady Pridgen properties connect to the best things in life including the community.

Grady Pridgen communities—great places to live. Great places to work.