A Great Way of Life

Grady Pridgen properties are designed for a total lifestyle. While living close to work is a great bonus in time saved, it’s important to have plenty of opportunities to use that time. While Grady Pridgen communities are constructed to be healthy for residents and the environment, a total lifestyle approach demands much more.

Part of a livable environment includes art and open spaces. We’re working with the Arts Council to develop art for our sidewalks and open areas-places of contemplation and reflection. It’s a more gracious way of life in a better environment.

Most Grady Pridgen properties have water features. Water makes Florida special. We’ve incorporated water into our total living package because it makes us feel good and provides a focal point, a gathering place for our comities.

It’s one thing to live in an environmentally-firendly community. It’s another to understand how it’s environmental and why it matters. By providing signage for native plants, features, and educational exhibits regarding Florida’s birds and urban wildlife, we think our residents and businesses will have a greater appreciation and understanding of their surroundings and communities.

Grady Pridgen properties include walking, cycling and jogging paths. They are connected to parks, where possible and when not co-located, many and varied recreational opportunities are nearby.

Within the community and connected to it, Grady Pridgen properties blend seamlessly into the surrounding area. It’s a unique lifestyle—a great way to live.