Green design also improves the efficiency of your home from the outside. Solar energy is the cleanest way to power outdoor lighting, pool heaters, hot-water heaters and even cold-water chillers.

Managing Water

Green Design

The U.S. extracts almost 340 billion gallons of water per day from surface waters, such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs for agricultural, industrial and residential uses. In fact, this accounts for almost one fourth of our country’s renewable water sources.

Not only are we tapping into our streams and rivers, the U.S. is also drawing heavily from underground aquifers. Since the 1940s the water levels in our aquifers have dropped nearly 100 feet. Our country — your country — is currently in a water deficit of approximately 3,700 billion gallons of water. And even after tapping both our surface water and groundwater supplies, there’s still a water shortage.

Grady Pridgen Inc. is taking action. It is our goal to stabilize water use residentially and commercially through careful planning. Most water conservation practices are inexpensive and have long-term benefits.

Fresh water and non-potable water are two very valuable resources. Every day, we use clean water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing. However, why flush our toilets with drinking water? American’s flush 4.8 billion gallons of water down the toilet each day! The answer is to design a system that fits and benefits your building.

Use and Re-use your Water

Grady Pridgen properties use innovative water systems to help reduce the amount of water drawn from the local aquifer. Fresh water resources must be protected for future generations. There are smart ways to use and reuse water to benefit the community and reduce expenses along the way.

Recycling systems reuse the wastewater from sinks, showers, laundry and other sources for the flushing of toilets, landscape irrigation and other functions that do not require potable water. Why not put it to good use?

Green Design

Grady Pridgen properties will be able to take advantage of the heavy summer rains through rainwater harvesting systems. This popular process collects water that otherwise would disappear into the ground or drain into local water bodies. The water is then treated and redirected as needed.

Going Native

The Florida landscape is more than palm trees and sand; it is actually unique and delicate. Our climate spans various temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Certain species are native to our state and are accustomed to wild weather patterns. Florida-friendly plants and trees reduce the need for fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation. Grady Pridgen properties feature a wide array of these species, creating urban wildlife habitats for birds, squirrels and butterflies. Phosphate-based fertilizers are bad for the environment and bad for our water supply. Many single-family homes use more than necessary to care for their lawns. Storms wash excess fertilizer into local bodies of water, decreasing clarity and quality.

Stormwater Treatment

Florida storms bring plenty of rain, which wash pollutants and debris into our surface waters. Most highly developed areas use asphalt, which prevents water from naturally absorbing into the ground. Instead, Florida taxpayers pay for urban infrastructures (gutters, drains and pipes) to safely redirect stormwater

Green Design

Grady Pridgen properties feature collection and treatment systems to improve water quality and reduce the ecological footprint. Fewer pipes and drains allow permeable surfaces to naturally absorb rain and replenish the aquifer. Stormwater systems are important pre-development and post-development stages. Debris from construction sites could be washed into local water supplies.

Stormwater treatment systems benefit the watershed quality, the fresh water supply and the environment.

Waste Reduction

Grady Pridgen properties use recycled concrete, steel, glass and porcelain throughout the construction process. As a community, it is our responsibility to continue waste reduction efforts. Grady Pridgen Inc. will offer a recycling education program for local owners and residents. By educating others, we hope the community will become inspired, and pass it on.